Lets face it, not everyone likes using Facebook so although one Mr Zuckerburg would like everyone to be on Facebook (except minors) that’s not going to happen especially when there are other similar social media sites. I regularly post photos on Facebook and sometimes you get feedback that people can’t see your photos as they do not use Facebook. Well, all is not lost. As I write this (note – Facebook could change this functionality at the drop of a mouse), you have limited access as a non user.

I will send the link to group of photos which will look something line this https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=1846979262431110&set=pcb.7523799081022982 (it is a real link). You will be taken to the Facebook website and a login screen will be overlayed on top of one of the images. If you dismiss the login screen by clicking the X at the top right of the popup login screen, you should be able to look through the set of photos in the post using the arrows on the left and right of the displayed photo. That’s all Facebook will let you do.