What exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS – Content Management System. It allows you to create and maintain a website without needing to know the technical details of creating a website (although that does help sometimes). You select a template you like to base your website on and then you can modify the template to get the look and feel you want and then add the content to your site.

Should I /we use WordPress to create our website?

Ah, the million dollar question. At the very least, you should consider it. In many cases, when you go to a company which develops websites, they will use WordPress although you don’t know this (and in many cases you don’t care). They will build the website and then, with a bit a training, you can maintain the website yourself. They will use WordPress as its the most popular CMS and therefore has built up a support network and Plugins to enhance the functionality of your website. As with any piece of software, there are proponents and detractors. When a small business decides it needs an online presence and contacts various website development companies, it can be so confusing when the technical details are discussed.I just want a websiteI don’t care if its WordPress or SquareSpace (or anything else for that matter)“. We understand that in many cases you as the client don’t want to know the technical details of the website; you just want a working, effective website. Beware though, some companies will use a product and try and lock you in so it is not easy to move your website if the business relationship breaks down.

Why do we recommend WordPress?

We simply use WordPress because it works. We tried other CMS products but we had installation issues and support could be flakey. Because there are so many WordPress websites on the internet if you have an issue, chances are someone else has come across the issue you are having and there will be a resolution.

Can I have an ecommerce site with WordPress?

Certainly. The core product does not include ecommerce but there is a plugin called WooCommerce which allows you to include e-commerce in your website. WooCommerce has ecommerce basic features which are free. Additional features may be available at a cost.

Are there any downsides of developing our website in WordPress

There is no perfect website solution. Every product has its pros and cons. In our opinion, with WordPress, the pros outweigh the cons. Because it is used by about 30% of websites on the internet, hackers will tend to target WordPress sites rather than other CMS products so you need to have a security strategy. Some consider it bloated and yes, the install contains a large number of files; but that doesn’t mean its inferior to other products.