I have a Nokia G10 Android smartphone. It is a good budget phone which worked well when I purchased it with Android 11 installed.

Nokia G10As a budget phone, it has 3GB of RAM (memory – apparently you can get a version with 4 GB of RAM). Sometime in the last few months I installed a large upgrade which installed Android 12. Then my problems begun. There are times it is usable (after a reboot) and other times it is unusable as it is so slow. Upon doing some research, those owners with Nokia G10’s with 4GB of RAM have much better performance. I took it to the place of purchase and the response was that they can look at the phone but if it doesn’t have a fault, there is nothing they can do. The interesting thing is that most phone manufacturers don’t specify the amount of RAM in the marketing blurb. You have to look down in the phone specifications for it and to be honest it can be quite meaningless until your phone is not performing very well. In this day of the interweb, you can do alot of research. From memory, I didn’t check the RAM when I bought it. I didn’t think it was an issue. The problem when dealing with phone vendors is that as the problem tends to happen when Android 12 runs short on memory, after a reboot it tends to run better… problem fixed say Nokia. An issue/ticket has been logged with Nokia so we will see what happens.