Why should my company run a my website using WordPress?

Well I am glad you asked.

There are many reasons to use WordPress to run your website. One very good reason is that it is the most popular CMS on the planet. It started as a blogging platform but has matured into the world’s most popular CMS. And because of that popularity, there are thousands of add-ons, hosting options, support options, development options.

10 most popular CMS by Market Share (source HostingCanada*)

  • 1 – WordPress (CMS Market Share: 61.8%)
  • 2 – Joomla (CMS Market Share: 4.7%)
  • 3 – Shopify (Market Share: 3.2%)
  • 4 – Drupal (CMS Market Share: 3.0%)
  • 5 – Squarespace (Market Share: 2.7%)
  • 6 – Wix (CMS Market Share 2.3%)
  • 7 – Blogger (Market Share: 1.5%)
  • 8 – Magento (Market Share: 1.5%)
  • 9 – Bitrix24 (Market Share: 1.4%)
  • 10 – Prestashop (Market Share: 1.2%)

As you can see, WordPress is way out in front. Does that mean you should automatically use it. In many cases yes, depending on what your requirements are for a website. For a small business owner wanting a site which they can do themselves, Squarespace or Wix is probably the best option (in no particular order). They have the tools to create a great website for a small business. However they are not as flexible as WordPress. Out of the box, WordPress can produce a basic website very quickly but if you need e-commerce or database facilities, you will need plugins of which there are plenty.

* source website https://hostingcanada.org/most-popular-cms-market-share/